Who are you?

Activity is a function of identity. What I do is a function of who I am. Not the other way around. Who I am is not a function of what I do! Proposing to my wife was a function of me being a man in love with this woman. My action flowed out of who I was.

When a person truly understands their identity, the action flows out of that person effortlessly. And the person who is truly comfortable in their identity does not have to prove who they are, so they are not ashamed or disappointed when their actions fail other people’s standards. They truly understand who they are.

It would be great for the Bride of Christ to realize who she is, but this is not something we can force upon her. She does not understand fully who she is because she does not fully know her lover, the One who defines her identity. Someday she will know him fully, even as she is fully known by him.

We cannot force the Bride to do certain tasks. What we can do is respond to the love of God, and he is the one who initiates such activities.

Some readers may be thinking, “This is ridiculous! You are taking away all of our responsibilities and this will make us apathetic!” And I would respond like so: Yes, this paradigm would eliminate all responsibilities. But check this out, have you ever observed a man and woman in love. The man totally takes initiative and the woman will respond to whatever his leading may be! If we, as the Bride, would do this more often, much more would be accomplished than not. Psalm 46.10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” We strive all too often, it needs to stop. This is when we will begin to know God.

Do you know who you are? Have your New Year resolutions flowed out of your identity or are you trying to force something which will never happen?


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