How to Destroy Your Marriage: 4 Easy Steps

Would you like to know how to destroy your marriage? Here is a simple guide on how to do just that:

Step 1: Communication. By this, you should always speak out of turn, pretend you are listening, be silent when you ought to speak, and keep hidden your daily/weekly agenda.


Step 2: Finances. What is a budget? Spend all of your money before you make it — use credit cards and fail to pay bills on time. Make a lot of money but have nothing to show for it. Or just find a job where you can be lazy and make your spouse do everything.


Step 3: Sex. Make your spouse have sex when they don’t want to and/or don’t feel like having sex when your spouse really wants to.



Step 4: In-Laws. Pick favorites and ignore the other ones.





If you follow all of these steps, you are bound to have a perfectly failed marriage. Then you can post a picture of your wedding day with big red letters that say “FAIL” and people will laugh…well, they will probably cry actually.

But truly, if you look at these 4 steps, they all really boil down to the first one…communication; afterall, the others steps require communication. Communication can be governed by one of two things: pride or humility. If you communicate out of selfish pride, your marriage will die. If you communicate out of self-less humility, your marriage will thrive.


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