24 hours at Mt Angel

I went on an overnight retreat at Mt. Angel Abbey, it is a Catholic Benedictine Monastery with a retreat center (and the best Patristic Library on the West Coast). I have gone to Mt. Angel more times than I can count, and every time I am graced with the presence of God in a profound way. I truly enjoyed my solitude with God and learned more things than I could ever write down in a book, let alone a blog entry! There are two things I would like to share: 

I woke up yesterday at 5am and prayed for a while in the stillness of the night, and then I put on my running clothes and hit the country roads. The sun was not yet out and the fog was so dense I could only see about a hundred feet. The crispness of the air melted my heart, the beauty of the fields and trees brought me to my knees in worship of the Creator, the rhythmic drum of my feet on the pavement reminded me of the rhythms of grace in my life. My run that morning was one of worship, and I pray that I will be as close to my Lord on every future run.

Later on that morning I went to the cafe, got a latte and sat down next to two priests. I asked them directly if they ever thought that Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox believers could ever be reconciled. They both said “yes.” This answer brought so much joy to my heart!!! I told them how I am a Seminary student in the protestant tradition and they found this very encouraging. All three of us affirmed belief in the Triune God, the full humanity and divinity of Christ, the actual life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, his ascension into heaven, that salvation and life are found only through belief and confession of Jesus Christ. And all three of us affirmed that this is the truth that should guide and direct all other matters. Lord, thank you for this encouraging conversation and please continue to reconcile your bride into One Church.

Do you believe Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox believers can be reconciled together into One Church in this life?


2 thoughts on “24 hours at Mt Angel

  1. Great thoughts bro, very glad to hear it was a successful trip. I need to get out there sometime soon! The Well just started a leadership development/training program of which I am a part and I think I will suggest that at some point we all get out there.

    You still have that bottle of wine from CA to share with us? We need to hang SOON!

    • Thanks Chris. It was so restful, I would strongly encourage you to take The Well out there on a trip, if you need help with logistics I can help you contact the right people.

      And yes, we still have a 2007 Zinfandel from Jessup Cellars that we need to share with you guys! You make the food, we’ll bring the wine 🙂

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