Torah Prayer

This prayer is one which I try to hold close to my heart when I open up the Word of God.

Please read this one aloud and slowly, letting it touch the depths of your soul.

[It was written and prayed by Moshe ben Nachmanides, commonly known as Ramban (ca. 1194-1270). He was a very intelligent Jewish Rabbi. The prayer can be found in the Commentary on the Torah: Genesis, trans. Charles B. Chavel (New York,NY: Shilo Publishing House, Inc., 1971), p. 3-4.]

In the name of the great God, and the fearful,

I will begin to write novel interpretations

On the explanation of the Torah,

With terror, with fear,

With trembling, with sweat, with dread,

Praying and confessing

With a humble heart and a broken spirit,

Asking forgiveness,

Seeking pardon and atonement,

With bowing to the ground,

With kneeling, with prostration,

Until all the vertebrae of the spine

Seem to be loosened.

And that my soul knoweth right well,

In clear awareness,

That the egg of the ant is not as small

In comparison to the outermost sphere

As is my little wisdom

And brief knowledge

Against the hidden matters of the Torah

That lie hidden in her house,

Concealed in her room;

For every precious thing and every wonder,

Every profound mystery and all glorious wisdom

Are stored up in her,

Sealed up in her treasure . . . . . .


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