What is the opposite of love?

What is the opposite of love? Many people will respond by saying “hate.” And these are not the only pairings that people will consider, for instance:

good vs evil; love vs hate; light vs dark; yin vs yang; etc.
These things all presuppose something: they presuppose two existences, philosophers call this “dualism.” They presuppose that from all of eternity, two things have existed: one “light” and one “dark.” But I ask myself, have these things always existed as so? If you ask ancient Greek philosophers and eastern religions, they will definitely agree with this two sided world.
If you believe in the God who has revealed himself in the Bible, can it be the case that there are two “existing” realities? Has this God not actually been sovereign over all of creation? Has there been some other God/thing who is paired against him as equal? No, and let me say it now: Satan is not God’s equal! Satan is simply a fallen angel and hell was made by God as a place to send Satan, sin, and his followers upon the final judgment.
God revealed himself to Moses as “I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3.14). What does this actually mean? One thing that stands out about the Name of God is the fact that “he is” or “he is the only one who exist.” In later books of the Bible we see that God also reveals himself as “God is love” (1 John 4.8). What can we do with this information?

If God truly exists and God is love, then how do we reconcile this with the “two existences” which were spoken of earlier? The answer can only be that there are not two existences. We need to throw this idea out, null, void, scratched out, dead, non-existent. Seriously, it is God alone who exist — yes, we are the work of his hands and we can have existence “in him” but if we go through this life apart from God, we are destroying ourselves and going into “non-existence” (note: I do believe in a literal hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, this non-existence is simply separation from God).
So what is the opposite of “love”? It was a trick question, love has no opposite. Practically speaking, we can say that “doing nothing” is opposed to love, because love is always an active choice of reaching out to others; the very same thing which the Trinitarian God does for us – he is always reaching out to us because he is love.

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