Shakespeare’s Bright Sword

“Keep up your bright swords, for the dew will rust them.” (Shakespeare: Othello)

Rust is caused when water, oxygen, and iron are combined. However, the metal will not rust if the object is not stagnating, handled properly, and treated with respect.

I believe Shakespeare was onto something when he said the dew will rust the bright swords. And the same goes with the word of God, it is a sword, and if we fail to use it properly, and it will rust through. Sometimes rust is not even visible from the outside, it can corrode the metal from the interior. Imagine having a bright sword, then swinging it, and it falls apart as it contacts your enemy — that would be a bummer! And why did the sword shatter, because it had completely rusted through and you did not even realize it.

This is exactly what we sometimes do with God’s Word. We need to realize that his Word is living and active and it is not dull and it needs to be handled with reverence. We need to learn how to wield God’s Word, because it is a mighty sword. We need to keep it from stagnating, handle it properly, and treat it with respect.

I hope this blog entry brings encouragement rather than frustration.


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